In the end of 2012 I travelled to USA to experience something new. And it was something I didn’t expect: emptiness and density.

'Merge' is the last part of a project series 'Empty, Dense, Merge' which explores two opposite feelings through the photos of places located in USA.

In this project two opposite places are merged into one: New York City, where, it seems like, everyone wants to live there, and Grand Canyon / Death Valley, which are unlivable.

by Gus Petro


Double Dashboard Update!

First, the new Activity page lets you graph the latest activity on your blog, view your top fans and posts, and see all of your recent notifications.

Second, a new way to see notes that’s faster (endless scrolling!) and highlights likes/reblogs/replies from people you follow!

Finally we see the return of Tumblarity!

Finding Clarity

As creators and doers our most important resource isn’t talent or creativity but clarity.  Faced with endless ideas and opportunity the real challenge is to find a way to push past the static and noise to focus on one thing. 

Once you find clarity in what you are creating for, filtering through ideas becomes a simple exercise.  What is the one problem you want to create a solution for?

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Do Things that Don't Scale


Paul Graham:

I should mention one sort of initial tactic that usually doesn’t work: the Big Launch. I occasionally meet founders who seem to believe startups are projectiles rather than powered aircraft, and that they’ll make it big if and only if they’re launched with sufficient initial velocity. They want to launch simultaneously in 8 different publications, with embargoes. And on a tuesday, of course, since they read somewhere that’s the optimum day to launch something.

It’s easy to see how little launches matter. Think of some successful startups. How many of their launches do you remember? All you need from a launch is some initial core of users. How well you’re doing a few months later will depend more on how happy you made those users than how many there were of them.

100% agree. I’m still surprised how few entrepreneurs realize this despite the proof being everywhere you look. I get that you worked really hard on something for months (if not years) on end and you want to see (and want for your team to see) your startup’s name in lights. But it’s so much better when those lights are shined on a star, not an actor in an audition.

Very, very few startups are star-level right out of the gate. Use that time with less of the spotlight to your advantage. Learn how to become the star. Then the spotlight will find you.

Creative thinking may mean simply the realization that there’s no particular virtue in doing things the way they always have been done

Rudolf Flesch

AÃRK Collective

A small, independent product design company based in Melborne.

“Our approach is simple, honest and heartfelt. We create what we feel and do it because we love it. Our timepieces are a reflection of us; who we are, what we love and everything we believe in.”
AARK Collective


A friend of mine Sam Soffes and the Seesaw team just launched their fun new app Everlapse.  With the app you can create a sequence of open-ended, collaborative images.  Beverages. Best Duck Face. Peaks. Burger Burger Burger.

Download the app and follow me @moore!

Pro tip: If you want to embed an Everlapse on Tumblr grab the URL (, add embed?play=true to the end, drop it into an iFrame, and create a new Video post on Tumblr.

<iframe src="" width="500" height="500" frameborder="0"></iframe>