Hi Jonathan. I just purchased your beautiful "Inspire Well Theme". The only thing I am confused on how to omit would be the search box. Since I am using your theme for my portfolio I don't need a search box. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Asked by valaveni

Thanks for picking up Inspire Well!  When I designed and created the theme over two years ago I certainly had it in mind as an option for a portfolio or highly visual blog.

You can add a bit of CSS to the theme to hide the search box.  Go into the Customize menu and under the Advanced drop down paste in the following:

.search_wrap { display: none; }

If you have more questions about Inspire Well send us an email at inspirewell@stylehatch.co.  During the weekdays we get back to everyone in at least 12 hours, although usually an hour or so, but over the weekend we take a break to spend time with our families.

Also, let us know if you have any suggestions for Inspire Well.  We regularly add new features and improvements to the theme.