Ideas Come In Sets

There is something magical about going to the beach as the sun is rising, just in time for the dawn patrol. Even with a wetsuit the air feels crisp and cool, but the moment you step into the water your feet are reminded of just how cold the Pacific is. With a leap onto your board you give yourself a boost as you paddle towards the spot beyond where the waves breaks. Paddling into the first small wave you can’t help but taste the saltwater. It’s a great start to the day.

Now the waiting begins. The water is quiet and peaceful as your board rises and falls over small rolling waves. Scanning the horizon you look for the next set of waves that will take you all the way back to the shore. As the set builds, it’s tempting take one of the smaller waves for a short ride, but the energy it takes to catch it will either leave you tired or trapped inside the break when the real waves come rolling in.

Occasionally the timing is perfect and you will paddle out just in time for the next set of waves, but more often you’ll have to watch and wait for the set. When that powerful set wave finally comes in, get ready for a ride of your life.

Like waves, ideas come in sets.

You have to get in the water. It seems contrary to wait for an idea, but that is because we often think of waiting as a passive state. The truth is that it takes effort to observe, watch and wait for the idea. You have to get into the water, surrounding yourself with the very matter that makes up the coming idea. Being in the water means that you are ready to act on the ideas when they come. If you are still on the shore or sidelines, you will miss out entirely on the opportunity to act on the ideas.

Patiently watch and let the smaller waves pass you by. As ideas begin to form you will start to notice smaller, incomplete ideas of what is to come. With a lot of effort it’s entirely possible to catch a smaller idea and act on it, but in doing so you might miss out on the opportunity to ride the oncoming powerful, complete ideas.

When the set waves break, paddle! When the full idea is forming, you will clearly see it heading your way. This is the time when you have to turn around and get to work. When you are paddling to catch a wave you need to pick up enough speed so that you can match the speed of the coming wave. It’s the right balance of timing the idea with simply getting started and doing something. Give it everything you have.

With Style Hatch we have seen tremendous success by creating and selling premium themes, but the company is in evolution expanding beyond just themes. I can start to see the real set waves off towards the horizon. Although I am not sure exactly what it will look like, I can start to see their shape form in the distance. For now, I have to remind myself to patiently wait for it to roll in. Before the idea is about to break, I will be ready to turn around and paddle with everything I’ve got.