Backburner 1.3 Update

Localization—English, German, Japanese, French and Italian, iPad Optimization, better video embeds, updated font support, more Facebook features, Clicky analytics, and much more!

Yesterday Tumblr just approved an rolled out a fairly major update to my Backburner theme.  The 1.3 update is packed full of new features, optimization, and better Tumblr support.  Install Backburner for only $19.  See the full list of updates below:

  • Localization: Now you can select your language in Customize > Advanced to choose between English, German, Japanese, French and Italian. This will change standard buttons, title names, and other text elements throughout the site to your chosen language.
  • Video embeds: Improved the way that YouTube, Vimeo and other embeds are resized and rendered on the site.
  • iPad Optimization: Tweaked Backburner so that it looks amazing on an iPad for all you early adopters.
  • Text posts: Made the titles clickable links
  • Pages: Removed the meta data below the pages
  • Sidebar: Fixed the bug that prevented users from change the color of the title in the sidebar
  • Custom Fonts: Rebuilt the custom fonts to include more punctuation marks - double quotes, single quotes, em dash and en dash.
  • Analytics and Tracking: Added Clicky to the analytics options in addition to Google Analytics. Clicky allows you to see in realtime who’s on your site as well as many other features.
  • Facebook Like Button: Added additional meta tags so that more information about the post, your site, and link are added to a Facebook feed when a visitor clicks like.
  • Facebook ID: Added a field in Appearances where you can add Facebook ID(s) to give you the ability to track who is liking your posts. For more than one admin or user separate them with commas: “username,3889229,admin”
  • Bug fixes
  • Minor changes

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