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Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus

Fascinating and beautifully designed infographic on the recent Stuxnet virus that was used to cripple Iran’s nuclear enrichment facilities last summer.  With the design of the virus combined with stolen security clearances and twenty zero days holes, Stuxnet was able to cause some serious damage and set back Iran’s efforts.  Now that the virus is open-source and available for download, the question is who be the next to use Stuxnet with its capables of shutting down nuclear reactors or oil pipelines.

The direction and animation of this infographic was done by Australian motion designer Patrick Clair and written by Scott Mitchell

Water Cycle Infographics

Digital agency Lalivingston created an infographic of the process of water collection to purification for Madrid’s water supply company Canal Isabel II.  They did a fantastic job with the combination of technical drawings, 3d elements, infographics and animation.

Schematics’ Multi-touch Interactive Touchwall Debuts in Cannes

Schematic, one of the interactive agencies which helped conceive the augmented-reality interfaces of Minority Report, has been laboring for the last seven years to make the film’s dazzling technologies a reality. They just showed off their latest attempt, which comes tantalizingly close. Developed for the2009 Cannes Advertising Festival and a sequel to a previous, smaller version, the new interface is loaded with maps, schedules and social networking software; the wall is multi-touch, so that many people could interact with the wall at once. But the coolest part is the built-in RFID, which allowed convention-goers to simply flash a badge, and have the touchwall recognize exactly who they were and where they’ve been. It’s being rolled out in France next month.

via Fast Company