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IRON MAN II “Molecule Discovery”

VFX Supervisor Jose Ortiz recently posted his contribution to IRON MAN II while working at Prologue in Los Angeles, CA.

The hologram needed to be an advanced piece of technology. This needed to be more refined than the original movie. This was a very challenging shot due to its design process. The molecule animation tied in the overall mood and feel. As the hologram look developed, it told the story. The overall pipeline for the process was very clean and helped the shots come together for the film.

—Jose Ortiz

See more of Jose Ortiz’s work on Behance, as well as Prologue’s other contributions to the movie.

Avatar Interface Design—Neil Huxley

Inventing Interactive has an incredible interview with interactive art director Neil Huxley who was hired by VFX house Prime Focus to design all the interface elements for the futuristic displays.  Avatar was Neil’s second movie to work on VFX after Gamer in 2009, and prior to that he had primarily art directed movie title screens and created educational interactive work for museums and galleries.

All of the scenes were created using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects and then incorporated into 3ds Max and Maya.  In all he had 7 months to create the visuals for the movie along with a team six After Effects animators and a few cg artists.

After Avatar picked up an Academy Award for visual effects I’m certain Neil Huxely’s work will be in high demand.

Read the interview with Neil Huxley |  Inventing Interactive on the movie Avatar | Prime Focus’ press release on the interface graphics

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