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The Game That Almost Didn't Happen - Goldeneye 64

Goldeneye 64 was one of those games that I spent countless hours timing guards’ paths for flawless missions and rocket launcher only multiplayer matches.  When the team at Rare was first approached with the opportunity for they game they nearly turned it down, and faced challenges with a still in development platform.  Their startup success story is inspiring to say the least.

Despite everything, the game went on to become the third highest selling N64 game, inspire console shooting games, and win a crazy amount of awards. Next time you’re heading down the wrong way of the entrepreneurial rollercoaster, take a deep breath, make a cup of tea, and remember that you can make it happen. Persevere and dominate.

It All Began With A Strange Email

In sharp contrast to our incapacity to perform truly scientific tests in ‘normal’ economic settings, Valve’s digital economies are a marvelous test-bed for meaningful experimentation. Not only do we have a full-information set (making sampling superfluous) but, more importantly, we can change the economy’s underlying values, rules and settings, and then sit back to observe how the community responds, how relative prices change, the new behavioural patterns that evolve. An economist’s paradise indeed…

Academic economist and expert on Greece’s recent collapse, Yanis Varoufakis joins Valve as their economist-in-residence to study and calibrate their digital markets.  Valve’s new economics blog should be fascinating in an extremely nerdy kind of way.